Super Powerboy Christmas

As it’s now approaching mid-December, we can actually  mention the C word. (Get you mind out the gutter, not Chocolate, Christmas!!!)

Everyone here at Pixel Blast wishes you a SUPER Christmas!

We hope those of you who are playing the beta are enjoying it, we really appreciate all your feedback.

Could you please stop reporting art related bugs though? I don’t want to have to work over the holidays. Thanks.

P.S. Just kidding! Please keep reporting all the bugs!


It’s Alive!

Website Post

Our Super Powerboy beta is now live!

Many thanks to everyone who signed up, we really hope you are enjoying kicking the alien scum’s butts!

If you haven’t heard back from us yet (or within 48 working hours of signing up), then your registration may have become stuck in the microwave tubes that connect all the PCs on the planet (that’s how it works, right?), please re-submit your interest at

Thanks again for signing up and helping us to create something really special!

Pocket Gamer Preview

Pocket Gamer Logo

Chris Priestman from Pocket Gamer has posted a great preview for Super Powerboy today. Check it out here.

Taste the Power!

Super Powerboy Screenshot 25-11-2015

So, we know we’ve been keeping quite tight lipped about Super Powerboy, but that’s only because we know you all deserve the very best! No one likes half baked cakes… well, maybe you do, and that’s fine, you weird strange person.

Anyway, we’ve been burning the midnight oil to deliver the Super Powerboy Beta and we’re now ready to start sharing some screenshots! Check back each week as we lift the lid even further.

Here’s your first “Taste of the Power” from the later stages of the game. We hope you enjoy scrutinising each and every pixel!